Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 80's a Full Service Restaurant?

Yes we are a full-service Bar and Restaurant. You can see our menus at

What's the dress code for the 80's?

Our dress code is casual and although your comfort and happiness are important to us we do advise against the use of flip flaps on our dance floor.

Do I need a reservation for the 80's?

We recommend making a reservation for parties in excess of 4 peoples to provide you with the best service available. Friday and Saturday are our busy nights and short of a reservation, it is unlikely that you will find a table for your party.
A reservation fee of $10 per person is required for parties of more than 10 people. Any deposit made will be credited to your bill unless you do not show up within the period of time allocated in which case, that deposit would be forfeited and won't be refunded.
For more information or larger groups, contact us by phone or email.

What's the Consumption Charge?

Friday and Saturday evenings after 6pm we do request a minimum consumption charge of $20.00 per person for all reservations and all person seating at a table. We do not have any minimum consumption charge the other days of the week.

Is there a cover Charge?

Yes there is a cover charge of $10.00 per person on Friday and Saturday after 8:00pm. This cover is MANDATORY.

Can I bring my own cake?

We provide a range of cakes that need to be ordered and paid in advance with a reservation. This being said, exceptionally, we are allowing parties with a reservation to bring a small cake subject to a table fee of $50, $75 or $100 depending on the size - you are welcome to come earlier and decorate your table for your event if you want.

For a large group Is there a banquet menu?

Yes we do have a special banquet menu available for largers groups at a discounted price. This typically insures better and faster service for private parties, saving money at the same time. This is better discussed in person and we invite you to come and visit us for Meetings, Weddings and Any type of celebration..

Do you serve any food?

We are a full-service Bar and Restaurant and if we are opened, our kitchen is also opened. Please visit our Menus page for a range of food we are offering.

What is your address?

We are located at 1121 S. Federal Highway, in Dania Beach, Florida.

What are your payment options?

We accept most common credit cards and obviously cash - American Express, Visa, Master Card and Discovery. Unless for a reservation, we do not accept any payment by check.

What are your hours of Operations?

During the low season, we are opened: Tuesday from 6pm to 11pm Wedensday from 6pm to 11pm Thursday from 6pm to 11pm Friday from 5pm to 2am Saturday from 5pm to 3am

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